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Bacetich Law: Client Focus Motor Vehicle Collisions; Personal Injury; Wrongful Death, Roadway Design and Defect; Drunk Drivers (Dram Shop); Medical and Nursing Home; Mediation Services


Bacetich Law: Client Focus Motor Vehicle Collisions; Personal Injury; Wrongful Death, Roadway Design and Defect; Drunk Drivers (Dram Shop); Medical and Nursing Home; Mediation Services

What People Are Saying

Discover the power of firsthand experiences. Hear directly from our valued clients as they share their stories, triumphs, and the exceptional results we achieved together, giving you the confidence to trust us with your legal needs.

Erika Grischenko

Gordy A.
Everett, Washington

Small Business Owner

"Outstanding performance. I hired Nic and gave him a box of papers and notes that were a mess, as I am a challenged person. Instead of fleeing from me (understandably) he drew CLOSER to me, determined to rescue me. His deep kindness was equaled by his professional acumen. He delivered more than he promised, granting me my desired victory plus gifting me with a new lifelong friend. Highest recommendation."

Erika Grishchenko
Snohomish, Washington

Drunk Drivers (Dram Shop)

"Four years ago, Nic Bacetich walked into my hospital room. My road to recovery was long. Dealing with a case & the drunk driver was the last on my mind. Nic has been God-sent. He dove right in. This case was harder than we anticipated. It took an immense amount of dedication, time, proof & knowledge. We met many times in person, over phone & over emails. He remained honest, patient & professional from start to finish. As time went on I was accumulating more & more medical bills. From surprise surgeries, to treatments, therapies & miscellaneous medical spendings. Without Nic I would have been stuck with hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay off. His assistant Lorrie has been tremendous help. Very attentive & responsive. They have great connections & go the extra mile. They truly, truly care about their clients & have become like family. Nic Bacetich has given us the results we’ve never thought were achievable. I’m forever & ever grateful. Without the help of Nic, I would not have had the successful outcome. It was a long road, but very well worth it."

Nannette LG
Spokane, Washington

Wrongful Death / Nursing Home

"When tragedy hits and it's virtually impossible to think - where do you turn?  If it quickly becomes glaringly apparent that a solid legal opinion and sound guidance is a necessity - who would you call?  In 2009 - that type of tragic circumstance hit with the overwhelming,  rapid decline of my father's health in a rehab facility - resulting in his death.  We were in shock.  Immediately, we turned to Dominic L. Bacetich Law.  That paramount decision proved to be the very best step for my family.  Why?  In our most distressing time period of grief Nic provided empathy, knowledge and rock-solid guidance.  YES - our Dad was gone, never to return - however, "the end result" to this legal challenge was resolved as successfully as it could be solely because of Nic and his amazing staff.  No question.  Wrongful death is not an easy topic and never anticipated, however we look back and KNOW that our father's life was honored and the mis-handling of his care and subsequent death were acknowledged and properly dealt with.  Many thanks to Nic and staff for their exemplary assistance in our time of great need.  We will always remain thankful."

Rich C.
Everett, Washington

Insurance Dispute

“After I had been in an accident with an uninsured person who had passed out drunk, my uninsured motorist coverage was trying to settle for less money than I had spent out of my own pocket. Nic Bacetich was great. He was able to explain what was happening and needed to happen. He was able to get things to move forward when my insurance company was dragging it out. He was able to negotiate a settlement that worked. I would highly recommend Nic for any person injury issues you have. I only wished I had contacted him sooner.”

Lorelei A.
Everett, Washington

Personal Injury Case

“I worked with Dominic Bacetich in the past and was highly pleased with his extensive legal experience, knowledge base, professionalism and guidance. He was very supportive, as well as responsive. I could always reach his support staff and would receive a call back (from him directly) within 24 hours. Happy to recommend Dominic and his wonderful staff for legal support.”

Mary M.
Bellingham, Washington

Personal Injury Case

“I would like to highly recommend Nic and his staff for their expertise, negotiating skills, integrity to the law & justice. I had taken my personal injury situation as far as I could with the insurance companies and Nic took over and was able to get me full compensation for my injuries. All the while Lorrie and his staff kept me updated as to his progress. Much success and best wishes to all.”

Bryan D.
Seattle, Washington

Personal Injury Case

“I highly recommend Nic Bacetich as an attorney to represent you in negligence cases. Nic represented my interests in an injury accident as the result of driver negligence in Idaho. He had to deal with missing evidence, a hostile local environment that was determined to protect their local resident who was responsible for the accident and Idaho state law that limits awards in negligence cases. Despite these difficulties Nic was able to obtain a fair settlement in excess of what could be expected considering the circumstances.”

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