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Mediation Services


With over 40 years of experience, legal excellence, and a calm presence, our mediation services have earned the trust and respect of Northwest attorneys. 

In personal injury cases and other legal matters, finding the best path to a favorable outcome can be complex. That's why our professional mediation services exist to assist lawyers in navigating these challenges.


Many cases are successfully resolved through this process, shortening timelines, minimizing expenses, and reducing stress. 

When there is a disagreement as to the fair value of a claim, mediation becomes the ideal approach to reaching a mutually agreeable settlement value. Mediation is voluntary and requires the agreement of all parties involved. 

Remote mediation options are available, providing breakout sessions, document sharing, and convenient scheduling.

"As mediator, I will act as a neutral facilitator with no bias or hidden agenda, assisting you in reaching an accord but not possessing decision-making authority. With a success rate of 80-90%, mediation significantly reduces the expenses involved in going to trial or arbitration."

Nic Bacetich


Contact us today to schedule your mediation session and achieve an equitable resolution for your clients.

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