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Case Results

Dram Shop Settlement

$2.5 Million dollar verdict against City of Lynnwood for roadway design defect.

Motorcycle Collision Insurance Denied Liability

Seven figure (policy limits) settlement involving a fatality due to a drunk driver.

Seven figure (policy limit) resolution for client who suffered serious neck and back injuries in a collision due to an impaired driver.

“Confidential”  seven figure policy limit settlement for a death caused by a ride share driver.

High six-figure (policy limits) result for a client who was rear-ended involving minor property damage.

Substantial six-figure result for a client involved in a “cross-over” head-on collision.

Substantial settlement with the State of Washington due to the death of an older man who died when the cable barriers on I-5 failed near Marysville.   This collision resulted in the Governor ordering the placement of cement barriers to prevent cross-over collisions.

Medical malpractice case in rural Montana that resulted in a seven-figure settlement.