Finding Real Solutions
In Injury Cases

What makes a personal injury mediator good at their job?

Mediation has become so popular that some states mandate it during divorces. Businesses have started to recommend mediation for conflicts instead of arbitration. Those with legal claims can sometimes use mediation as a way to avoid litigation while still resolving the matter at hand.

Personal injury claimants could potentially need to negotiate either with someone responsible for their injury or with an insurance company representative. Mediation during those personal injury proceedings could help you get a settlement without the delay of waiting for court.

How do you know if you have selected the right mediator for a personal injury matter?

Mediators are personable but also neutral

According to research about mediation, one of the single biggest indicators of success in mediation is whether the mediator develops a rapport and positive social relationship with both involved parties. In scenarios where both parties feel like they can trust the mediator because of their personality and friendliness, mediation is more likely to be successful.

At the same time, mediators should not give the impression that they favor one party over the other. Neutrality is key to their ability to guide the participants toward a reasonable compromise.

Good mediators are also good communicators

Compassion and empathy are important to successful mediation. These tools allow a mediator to understand the needs and desires of both parties involved in the dispute. Ideally, a mediator can take their innate empathy and turn that into effective language. A mediator can help present the other party’s perspective in a new way, leading to greater understanding and making compromises easier.

Reputation and price will also be factors

A mediator needs experience to handle complex issues. Someone with a strong reputation for resolving issues can possibly help resolve your disputes quickly. You also want to consider what they charge and if that price aligns with the reputation they’ve developed. Virtual accessibility may also be important, especially if you the other party don’t want to meet in person or have demanding careers.

Finding someone who meets these criteria can set you up for settlement success. Partnering with a neutral, experienced and proactive professional mediator can help you effectively resolve even the most contentious personal injury case without needing to go to court.