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How faulty road design can lead to crashes or make them worse

Safety concerns about driving usually focus on driver behavior and vehicle maintenance. Fewer people think about how the roads themselves might create dangerous circumstances for the people traveling on them.

Those who have experienced a major car crash know how crucial dependable vehicles and infrastructure are. If the outcome of your collision was worsened because of certain design factors used on the road, people could wind up hurt in the same way that you were because of faulty road design.

How can road design issues lead to collisions?

When there is a problem with road design, crashes occur when they otherwise might not. Bad roadway design could affect everything from the pavement, which could buckle during temperature fluctuations, to the flow of traffic. Sometimes, the outcome of a crash is worse than it might otherwise be due to design issues with that stretch of road.

Design flaws for those planning roads might include not considering limitations to visibility, dangerous objects close to the road and even poorly designed infrastructure. For example, guardrails that have fewer support posts can be cheaper to install, but they may not hold up under the force of a vehicle during a crash, leading to a significantly worse outcome for the occupants of the vehicle that strikes the guardrail.

Another example might be a road with steep embankments without guardrails or roads with uncleared hazards too near to the edge. Large trees, utility poles and even streetlights could pose a threat to vehicles due to their placement too close to the edge of a road.

Challenging road designs as unsafe could help protect others

Taking legal action about an unsafe road can’t undo the injuries you suffered, but they can potentially help someone else from going through the same thing you did.

A dangerous roadway design lawsuit could force the authorities with control over that stretch of road to make changes for improved public safety. The results might also mean more careful design and planning processes in the future as well.

A civil action might also result in compensation, which can be beneficial if the cost of the crash you experienced was higher than the amount of insurance coverage available.