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Online mediation for personal injury attorneys

In 2020, many attorneys in Washington started conducting online mediation sessions with their clients. Instead of meeting face-to-face, they met with their clients through an online video call. While this has been challenging in some ways, some attorneys have noted that this new approach also has its benefits.

How do online mediation sessions work?

In a lot of ways, online mediation sessions are actually easier than in-person sessions. The client doesn’t have to get dressed, drive all the way to the attorney’s office, and sit in the waiting room. Instead, he or she can simply get dressed, turn on the computer, and greet an attorney from the comfort of home.

Not only is this process easier for clients, it’s also a lot more comfortable. They don’t have to deal with the pressure of meeting their attorneys in person or dealing with the other party face-to-face. Instead, they can place a certain amount of distance between themselves and the other party. Plus, they’ll be in familiar surroundings instead of a cold, unfamiliar office. When clients are more comfortable, attorneys have noted that they’re more likely to provide information.

Online mediation also gives clients the advantage of being able to turn off their computer or step away whenever they want. This makes it easier for people to step back and take a break if the discussion gets heated. As a result, attorneys might be able to get more important information out of their clients. Their clients might also be more willing to negotiate with the other parties if they know they can step away whenever they need to.

Are you interested in a mediation session?

Many people put off filing a lawsuit because they don’t want to deal with lengthy court battles. However, it’s possible for you and the other party to settle the issue out of court through the process of mediation.

With mediation, an attorney will help both parties discuss the issue in a calm, civil manner. Your attorney will listen to your concerns and will guide the discussion to keep it productive instead of heated. As a result, you may receive a fair settlement from the other party.